Friday, August 2, 2013

Wedding Wheats 3

I finally got time to brew my third and final brew for Matt's Wedding.  The other two brews have turned out fantastic so he is going to have a really hard decision choosing his signature brew.  The hefeweizen is clean with a banana, clove, and malty finish.  The Salt Creek Wheat has a nice bright flavor of citrus with a salty sour finish.  Now it's time to make a brew that has my favorite characteristic, hops.

This beer is a 50/50 weizen/pale ale.  It's a combination of German and English with American hops.  The yeast is a German Alt yeast, which is typically used for cold fermented ales, but I am using this yeast to give the beer an bit of yeasty fruit.  The hops I am using are two of my favorites, Amarillo and Warrior.

5 lbs. White Wheat
5 lbs. 2 Row 
.5 lbs. Carapils

.5 oz. Warrior 30 minutes
1 oz. Amarillo 10 minutes
.5 oz. Warrior 5 minutes
2 oz. Amarillo Dry Hopped 7 Days
Dusseldorf Alt Yeast WL036

I mashed at 148 degrees, but my mash came out a little cool which could account for my original gravity being a little at 1.049.  The ABV should be somewhere around 4.5%.  The brew day went well other than that and I even had time to make some homemade pizza.  I've been looking forward to this new brew the most.

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